There is one person

There is one person

Whose world is me


There is one person

Who’s happy to see me

Even when I can’t look at myself.


There is one person

Who cherishes me

Beyond words


Who looks at me

Like I am magic


Like I am some kind of wonderful thing.


There is one tiny person

I mean the world to

And who means the world to me.


There is one person

I turn to

For cuddles

And funsies

And joy.


There is one person

Who has never made my day worse

Or sad

Or not worthy of living


There is this tiny person

Who turns to me for comfort

And safety

And is not letting me sleep

Because this person needs the whole bed

And needs to be held

At unlucky hours of the night

And needs the pillow

And the blanket

And my socks while I’m walking

And my pants while I’m getting dressed

And mostly everything I eat


There is one person

Who, even on rainy days

Like today,

Brings me the peace I’m looking for.