How I changed because the internet told me so

Dear stranger on the internet telling me what you think of me,



We have all been waiting for you

To finally settle this once and for all

Am I worthy of love or not?

Do you think my thoughts are valid?

Am I approved for living?


Please, tell me, we have all been waiting for you to give us your final answer:


Am I allowed to be a human being sharing the same internet and planet as you?

Or does the way I live in the privacy of my home affect your wellbeing?

Do the choices I make outside of your personal space provide discomfort to your every day life?


Does the way I treat my body keep you up at night? Can you not focus on work? Can you not focus on your partner?






Am I distracting you?









Does my mental health have anything to do with what you receive in life?

Are the words I say and write on the website and profile that carry my name and my photographs of me and those I cherish shouting at you and you feel you cannot scroll in peace? Do you feel obliged to witness my online stories? Are you glued to the screen against your will?

Is the lifestyle I am choosing for myself preventing you from choosing a lifestyle of your own?

Is the way I wear my hair and my clothes and my make-up and my shoes and my rings  affecting your own appearance? Is my size affecting your appearance?


Tell me, stranger on the internet, tell me what you think of me, tell me every detail so I know exactly what to change and how to behave and what to say and whom to marry and how many kids I should have and what I should wear and where to work and how much money I need and deserve and where to live and what medical assistance I am allowed to receive and what to eat and where to go out and at what time and whom to love.


Tell me and I will comply.



Because you told me so.


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