Let that shit slide

To all my former teachers, professors, bosses and generally everyone who had expectations of me at some point in my life, I tell you, let that shit slide.


We study and work and live in a world where some people, most people, take shit so seriously that they are inclined to hold your human nature against you. Bosses that punish you for feeling under the weather but not to the extent where you have to go to a doctor and request medical leave, professors that fail you because you couldn’t focus on your task because you just found out your partner was cheating on you and parents who think you’re a lazy fuck just because you simply cannot get out of bed today.

I’m not saying everyone should be like me and just give up on their professional life because it’s making them miserable, I’m saying that we are entitled to have flaws and mood swings and tummy aches and shit that goes on in our personal life. I am not sick against you, nothing that makes me blue is actually against you, dear boss.

Maybe my toes hurt because some psychopath gave me a pedicure from hell

or I ate some weird food from that questionable Indian place that the internet recommended when I was in no mood to cook because you kept me at work all day and sucked all the joy out of me

or maybe I had such a good day at work that I was feeling almighty and went out to celebrate a birthday with some of my oldest friends and we all felt so happy and so powerful that we thought we can get drunk on friendship and wine all night and we are going to wake up and go to that meeting and we are going to nail every task we have the next day only to wake up hungover and tired, but still happy, just not in the capacity to get out of bed

or maybe I got a new puppy who treats me better than everyone else in my life and if I had any, I would leave all my treasures to her

or maybe I broke up with a friend (yes, that is as real as breaking up with a lover)

or maybe I broke up with a lover!

or maybe I stayed up all night watching documentaries on Scientology because, unlike what you may think, I do have interests outside of work

or maybe I’d rather talk to my friend abroad who finally left that asshole she’s been with for too many years even though I do like my work and I do feel passionate about it, just not today, today I am friend

or maybe I’m feeling particularly hormonal and I really don’t want to cry at work or yell at everyone for not doing something’s that completely unimportant (kinda like you do, sometimes)

or maybe it’s such a beautiful day outside and I just want some air and maybe some birds singing near my head and some sun on my skin and some wind in my hair and some other hippie shit that doesn’t exist at my desk

or maybe I got really caught up in a Netflix show and my life cannot go on if I don’t binge watch it all

or maybe

or maybe I’m not the robot you think I am and you’re not the robot you’re pretending to be and we both have days when we just don’t feel like it and that’s alright, stop taking yourself so seriously, nothing is really that dramatic at work that makes it so unforgiveable for us to take a day to just be ourselves.

Sometimes I want no work and just play and don’t act like you don’t occasionally feel the same.

Let that shit slide, yo.

Image credit: theCHAMBA on DeviantArt


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