Polka Dots Cotton Double Bow Hair Tie

65,00 lei

Handmade bow with a hair tie at the back. You can also slide a headband through the middle part, place a pin in it or attach it to a thin scarf. There are multiple ways to use it to pretty up any outfit, just use you imagination!

Length: 37 cm

In stock

Made this for you

I handpick everything I choose to work with – from fabrics to threads and the occasional accessories. This tactile side of things is one of the most important parts of my creative process. I get inspired by soft textures and perfect seams and I am constantly focused on improving my work. My sewing machine is the most cherished tool I own – I respect it and take great care of it. All of this is a dream come true!

The piece you are about to purchase will never exist again in this exact shape as it is entirely handmade by me.

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